The Decentra-Lotto Lottery platform uses randomness generation through Chainlinks (verifiable randomness function). Utilizing this functions allows Decentra-Lotto to randomly select winners without team input. Making the lottery as fair as it could possibly be, embracing true decentralisation. When the weekly draw has come to an end, anyone who entered the…

Today is the day.

The anticipated launch of Decentra-lotto. The flagship project of the Decentra-Ecosystem.

After months of hardwork the team at Decentra-lotto are excited to release the token that is going to be at the heart of their ecosystem.

$DELO is the native token of Decentra-lotto that underpins the…

Introducing Decentra-Lotto! You’ve found us, Jackpot! Welcome to the flagship product of the Decentra-Ecosystem that is… Decentra-Lotto!

‘The Token That Feeds The Lotto, The Lotto That Feeds The Token!’

Well… what is it?

Decentra-lotto is a decentralised cryptocurrency lottery and De-Fi staking platform that works in symbiosis. …


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